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Playing on the MONDO!

Post Specifications
Purrfect Post is strong enough for Mickey the 20lb Monster of Love
Veterinarian Developed, Cat Approved Premium Sisal Cat Scratching Post - Premium Sisal Fabric - Woven sisal material is superior to sisal rope. Extra Tall Post 31.5 in. tall post allows stretching, encourages scratching. Extra Sturdy - Provides security for your cat.
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"Simply the best cat scratching post available."

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Tall Cat Scratching Posts are Best.

The PurrFect Post is 31.5 inches tall. Tall enough to allow cats to fully stretch back and shoulder muscles to get a satisfying and healthful scratch.

A Good Scratching Post needs to be Strong and Stable.

The PurrFect Post is constructed to provide extra stability - as it is very important to maintain a cat's confidence that it won't topple and frighten or cause injury.

Cats are known to be brave in certain circumstances, and in others, easily frightened. Cats want a strong, stable surface to scratch - something they can really dig their claws into - which is why your furniture is frequently chosen to be their preferred scratching area.

It is the only post made with a double-thick base to ensure it is extra bottom heavy and therefore extra stable.

PurrFect Satisfaction

The deluxe post will please even the most finicky cats. Sisal covers both post and base so cats can indulge their choice of vertical and horizontal scratching.

Pleases You as well as your Cat.

It's important for your cat to love the scratching post, but the reality is - You have to look at it too. The PurrFect Post is beautifully designed with a careful attention to detail that will make it look great in your house. (More Info)

Suki likes to scratch from the top
Suki loves to scratch from the top

Sisal Fabric is vastly Superior to Sisal Rope for Cat Scratching Posts.

Veterinarians know cats prefer sisal fabric to sisal rope for scratching. In fact, cats generally prefer sisal fabric over all other materials for scratching. (By the way, never cover your walls with sisal if you have cats!)

This textured, woven sisal material is irresistible to cats. It feels great to scratch and is perfect for shredding.

Shredding is an important marking behavior for cats. Cats need a post that fulfills their needs, not their human's decorating ideas. Pretty fluffy posts may be appealing to you, but most cats find them useless.

Manufacturer Direct to You.

You are buying directly from the manufacturer - providing you a truly superior scratching post at an affordable price. (More Info)

Q Why is this post so purrfect?

A We Know What Cats Need...

The Purrfect Post Is Designed and Produced by a Veterinarian Who Knows Cat Behavior.

I started making the PurrFect Post in response to the multitude of requests I received from people asking me where to find the right scratching post for their cats.

Most posts are made without consideration of what a cat really needs to scratch. They are made out of the wrong materials and are too short and too unstable. Cats don't want to scratch short, fluffy, wobbly things. They want strong, rough and sturdy.

Each PurrFect post is hand made to strict specifications, ensuring the best possible post for your cat. Buying directly from the manufacturer allows you to have this superior product at a very reasonable price.

And best of all - It Looks Great!

Charlie Likes the Post with the light wood trim

Extra Tall

Extra Sturdy

Extra Attractive

Both You and your Cat will Love it - Guaranteed!

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