PurrFect Post™ Specifications

Features Benefits
Exceptional Quality and Value.
Handcrafted in the USA
This is a high quality post! It will last for years and bring great satisfaction to your cat.
Rugged, Textured, Woven Sisal Fabric
(Not just sisal rope)
This is by far the preferred scratching material for cats.
Extra Tall Post 31.5 inches tall! Allows your cat to fully stretch while scratching.
Heavy Duty Base Solid, double thick, heavy base ensures extra stability.
Solid wood base trim and cap For an attractive, quality appearance.
Strong, Sturdy Construction Provides excellent stability so your cat will feel secure using it.
Premium sisal fabric
covers both post and base.
Satisfies your cat's desire to scratch horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Easy to assemble and disassemble. Allows for easy storage and transport. Replacement posts available
(Although this post will last a long, long time.)
Free Premium Grade Catnip included. An added treat for your cat included with each post.
Attractive Design Quality craftsmanship pleases both you and your cat.
Manufacturer Direct to You Ensures you get the highest quality post at the best price.

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